Backpack large 'Stripe Rainbow'


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This elegant backpack is nice and roomy. In other words, big enough to hold everything you need for the entire day. Even when you’ve packed your lunchbox and gym things, there’s still plenty of room for your books.

The top of the backpack is zipped and is cleverly divided: you can slide your water bottle into the open side pocket for quick access. There is another spacious extra pocket on the inside and a name label. The front compartment closes with a subtly concealed side zip. This makes the bag look slim and elegant, but it’s nevertheless very spacious!

The bag is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. You can’t tell, but it’s nice to know. What’s more, it’s better for the environment. The matt coated bag is water resistant and you can easily clean away small marks. The inside of the bag is lined.

The ‘Stripe Rainbow’ pattern has funky stripes in powdery tints of pink, blue, green, yellow and orange. That’s not as many colours as in a real rainbow, but enough to give you that ‘pot of gold’ feeling.

*Please note: Over time, this this pattern in combination with the layer of protective coating may show signs of use. Pale stripes can appear on the darker parts of the bag due to the sturdy fabric having been folded.

Sold out


Article number: ENGEL 11.230
Dimensions 26 x 11 x 36 cm

Volume: 10 L