Set 6x cake plate 'Circus'

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An attractive box that is lovely to look at even before it has been opened. So just imagine how pleased you’ll be with the contents: six lovely little cake plates, each with its own pattern and colour. We took our inspiration from the circus. The plates have an air of nostalgia and can take you back to the circus of your childhood, your favourite book or mystical dreams.

ENGEL. tableware is composed largely of bamboo and maize fiber, which means the products are sustainable. If you would like to know the exact composition of our bamboo tableware products, click here. Our bamboo tableware can be used for hot and cold dishes and is dishwasher safe (up to 50 degrees celsius), but not suitable for use in the microwave or oven. You can cut things on them without causing damage. Please note: our bamboo products are strong but not unbreakable.


Article number: ENGEL 17.27

Diameter: 16 cm