Paper wall notes roll (blue, neon, white)

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Quick! Write that down, don’t forget it! But that scribble on a tiny piece of paper got lost…Oh dear, what was it again?  

Our paper wall notes roll is made from the residual material of our ZIPPER bags what makes it a very sustainable product. It contains 50 meters of paper, so you can use it for a really long time!

With our new ‘paper wall notes roll’ that annoying situation won’t happen again. Because your notes will be on the wall so you can see them at all times! Anything that’s important to you, you can write down: your grocery list, notes from your meeting or motivational quotes. You can easily tear off the paper if you have to take it to the store, for example. Or you can put it up in the nursery, so the kids can draw on the roll, instead of the wall!

Please note! The notes roll is a collectors item. So this item is available while supplies last.  


Art. nr.: ENGEL 07.28

EAN: 8718403258875

Material: paper, wood & cotton

Made in Amsterdam