Honeycomb set 'Style'


The nostalgia, of our beautiful honeycombs, is that they bring so much joy and happiness to everyone. The Retro Honeycombs are back again to brighten up every house, party, nursery or wedding.  The sets of Honeycomb balls will be delivered flat however they can easily be unfold. After that you can hang them up with our sticky buttons.

What makes these Honeycomb balls even more special is that they are produced in an old-fashioned way in Austria. The Honeycombs are impregnated and are made of   handicraft quality tissue paper. The Honeycombs are reusable and can be a tradition in every household. They also look beautiful in combination with ENGEL.’s Pom Poms.


Article number: ENGEL 10.21

Honeycomb ball sizes:   Ø 10 | 15 | 20 cm