Screenprint 'Ice cream'


Limited availability

It is so warm. Mum is making a refreshing salad, dad is watering the garden, and the temperature is positively tropical. And what about the children? They are hanging their swim things by the freezer, waiting till the lollies are ready. Home-made raspberry flavoured lollies; the kind of lollies that will later remind you of long, lazy summers.

ENGEL. designed this gorgeous screen print so that you can enjoy that summer feeling all year round. The special screen printing technique used intensifies the colours, and the fluorescent neon pink almost jumps right off the paper. The image of this ice lolly stays with you even when your eyes are closed.

Hand made at a Dutch silk screen printing company.

Limited availability


Article number: ENGEL 07.07

Screen print dimensions: 50 x 70 cm