Fabric garland (bunting) 'Cool' Large


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Cool stands for fun, sturdy, strong and adventurous, which is just the look and feel that ENGEL wanted this garland to have. With twelve different designs on 24 double-stitched flags, the Cool garland is not only funky, but bright and cheerful too. At twelve metres in length, it is a welcome addition to any party celebration.

The latest ENGEL flags are made from recycled PET plastic bottles and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The garland is also beautifully light, soft and shiny. The only thing that gives away the garland’s previous life is the packaging, a large PET bottle that also has a zip. This means you can put the garland back in the bottle when the party’s over; handy eh? How about that for sustainability!

In Stock


Article number: ENGEL 01.20
Dimension: 12 meters (24 flags)
Material: Recycled PET plastic bottles
Packaging: PET bottle with zip